About Graeme

graemeGraeme is a qualified practitioner in Quantum BioEnergetics Balancing Technique, Quantum Touch, Reiki Master and Liquid Crystals (TLC).

 Through his own health challenges and life experiences, Graeme has been led to these powerfully effective ‘quantum frequency’ healing modalities. He has been a practising healing facilitator since 2005.

Graeme also has had a lifetime interest in the esoteric and spiritual dimensions and has over 20 years experience teaching adults in art and design for TAFE and University of South Australia.

Graeme, after connecting to the realms of higher frequency, creates large abstract paintings depicting vibrational energy (visit his website graemecogdell.com.au). These works of art are an extension of his healing modalities and are also valuable in helping people to connect to higher healing frequencies.

“I have never met such a powerful healer who is so humble in his approach to his amazing work. When you have your session you will know exactly what I mean…” –  Denise  Alice Springs NT

“Graeme has a great talent and has intuitive knowledge that needs to be shared.” – Laurie  New South Wales

“Graeme is an amazing, caring practitioner who takes you on a nurturing journey of self discovery and healing”.   – Sarah – Osteopath South Australia