Case Histories

J – a 42 year old man, who according to the doctors, had only days to live when I was called into the hospital by his family to do some QB sessions, he was in a very advanced stage of leukemia. His ‘white blast cells’ were reading at 187 which is extremely high, within the first three sessions they began to come down and by about five weeks they were down to zero. He had a bleed behind his right eye about four weeks in and the doctors couldn’t do anything about it and said he would lose the sight of his eye – after one treatment the eye cleared up and he could see normally again. He also had double pneumonia about six weeks in but this also cleared up from his lungs in about three or four days. Unfortunately because he was still on heavy chemotherapy he couldn’t create enough white cells to stengthen his immune system and he got an infection from within the hospital and died four days later. During the nine weeks though that I was treating him he grew back all of his hair and went home five of the weekends to spend with his family and managed to see two of his children’s birthdays.

F – an 86 year old man who cannnot speak english, was in and out of hospital many times each year with pneumonia, breathing and heart problems. His daughter brought him for weekly sessions. He felt amazingly better immediately after the first session. The doctors had his normal chest xrays taken about four weeks after QB sessions and the scar on his lung that he had had from his early twenties from a fall, had completely disappeared. He no longer had any pneumonia and his energy levels had risen and he was sleeping much better. It has been at least a year since then and he hasn’t been in hospital since.

B – a 63 year old woman, had just had a cancerous tumor removed from an operation and was about to have chemotherapy treatment. She had a couple of QB sessions at our clinic before chemotherapy treatment followed by hospital and home visits twice weekly during her chemotherapy treatment. She had no symptoms from the chemotherapy, her blood readings – white and red cell counts and platelets all remained very good, she did not lose any hair and genearally felt well. The oncologists called her ‘the amazing lady’ and could not work out what was going on even though they kept changing the chemotherapy formulae – she never told them about the QB sessions.

T – a woman in her 60’s who lives in in Alice Springs, had regular distance healing sessions. The doctors didn’t hold out much hope for her recovery after a bowel operation in Adelaide to remove the worst of her cancer. However we did one QB session at the hospital immediately after her operation, followed by distance healing as she moved back to Alice Springs and her blood tests and scans showed that the cancer had not spread, the tumor markers went down from149 to 0. She had progressive improvement and the cancer was no longer active.

D – a woman in her 40s was suffering depression and feeling stuck, has had an amazing turn around in her life. After QB sessions, and having her Axiatonal Initiation done, she immediately stopped smoking (which she had been doing for 28 years), and has since got back into her natural healing practice.

M – a woman in her 30s, after QB sessions, and having her Axiatonal Initiation done, is now out of depression, stopped taking recreational drugs. She has completely turned her life around.

S – a woman in her 50s, was bitten by a death adder. She didn’t know at the time, it was only many weeks later after getting experts to check her shoe that she found out what had happenned. She has had symptoms of no energy, pains and burning in her body and legs for over two years. She has been to many practitioners for treatment before she came to me. Her symptoms have cleared up – she now has high energy, burning in foot and legs is gone and she is now again leading a normal life. She felt strong improvement after just one session.

D – a 17 year old boy, severely broke his forearm and damaged the nerves causing incredibly severe pain. He had it put back in place and a cast put on but the pain for him was excrutiating. As a result he ended up in hospital many times but they couldn’t relieve the pain. They overdosed him on pain killers and he had a near death exprerience. This affected the receptors in his brain causing short term memory loss. He stayed on heavy pain killers and spent some three years seeking help from doctors, psychiatrists and natural therapists. Eventually he was recommended to see me. He is now pain free and off his pain killers and his short term memory has been restored. He is doing really well.