“What an Amazing Journey it has been…

My mum had major surgery to remove a cancerous tumour from her large intestine. The diagnosis was not good and the specialists gave her 2-3 months to live. The oncology team decided to put mum on chemo to keep things stable but they were not very hopeful of the outcome and recently stopped all chemo treatment.

In my heart I knew the medical system had given up – it was it an aggressive cancer and my mum was 80 years old.

A few weeks after the operation Graeme came to the hospital to meet my mum and give her a QB session. I stayed in the room and noticed how my mum responded during the healing session.

A deep calmness and sense of peace came from my mum and spread throughout the room. From that day on, the journey changed…

Graeme continued doing QB sessions, however they were done remotely as we lived interstate. The sessions were just as powerful as being face to face.

It is now close to 2 years since mum was first diagnosed with cancer. The benefits of the QB session are endless… my mum has been pain-free, her spirit is alive, her energy levels are high, her heart is at peace and she enamates a beautiful energy. The doctors are puzzled!!!!

Graeme has been an incredible support on all levels. I cannot imagine what this journey would have been like without Graeme.

My mum and I are so very blessed that Graeme came into our lives. We are eternally grateful. I have never met such a powerful healer who is so humble in his approach to his amazing work.

When you have your session you will know exactly what I mean…”


Alice Springs NT

“I have been receiving treatment from Graeme for the past 2 years for diabetes, stress and several other health problems. Quantum BioEnergtics has greatly assisted me in a very positive, calming and non-invasive way! Pain in both of my forearms, and a ganglion at the base of the third finger of my left hand (causing fingers to lock), have both been successfully treated.

I am very thankful that Graeme has been successful in helping my daughter Samantha (whom he as never met), in country Victoria, with chronic fatigue and depression, using ‘remote healing’

Graeme has also helped Sam’s cat, ‘Pippy-cat’ through life threatening surgery and other health challenges.”


South Australia

“I consult Graeme to deal with issues of anxiety and not feeling connected to my true self. My treatments with Graeme are physically and spiritually intense. Graeme and I are always “blown away” by my receptiveness to this healing energy and I always leave feeling really grounded and calm. Graeme has also helped me understand my dreams and visions and this has given me a better understanding of my life journey.”


South Australia

“My sessions with Graeme were wonderful experiences. I always felt lighter and as though my body inside and out had been lined up and joined. People said afterward I actually looked different, facially.

Graeme has a great talent and has intuitive knowledge that needs to be shared.”


Sydney New South Wales

“I have been privileged to experience a number of Quantum Bioenergetic sessions facilitated by Graeme Cogdell.

To me, the most evident quality of Graeme’s work is his ability to facilitate his sessions from a clear, unbiased and transparent state. At all times, his motives for the client are centred in a respectful, loving awareness, free from selfish intention or expectation. It is this quality of transparency that, I believe, enables Graeme to facilitate sessions with great profundity, depth and subtle infusion.

My experiences during Graeme’s sessions have been intrinsically centering, aligning and restorative, enabling me to consciously reunite with the energy and influence of my higher Self with ease and in physical actuality.

In addition, Graeme is himself a genuine, warm and heartfelt person of impeccable character and this only serves to enhance the quality and nature of his work as a Quantum Bioenergtic’s practitioner.”


Sound Healer, Reflexologist

South Australia

“Graeme is an amazing, caring practitioner who takes you on a nurturing journey of self discovery and healing. I always feel more relaxed, centred and in control of my life after his treatments and have relief from any conditions I present with at the time. Working with Graeme has facilitated my own journey of self discovery and healing and I would recommend anyone to see him.”



South Australia

“Something unexpected and amazing happens when I go to Graeme for a treatment. After relaxing and just “going with the flow” I find myself immersed in another time and place. I’m not sure what happens or why but I believe Graeme facilitates past life experiences from which I gain clarity and understanding. These experiences are enlightening and help me understand why I am the way I am and why certain event/places/feelings cause me to have strong emotional reactions. I always feel energised, more connected to my spirit self and ultimately, healthier and happier after seeing Graeme!”


South Australia